Saturday, July 14, 2007

Addenda to Eight Random Facts meme

The first tomato is turning ripe! It's the size of my fist, and it's a Chianti rose, a cross between a heritage Italian tomato and a Brandywine that ripens pink and sweet and low-acid. (Seeds from Rene's Garden - thank you, Rene Shepherd.) My tomato vines are loaded with fruit and I can hardly wait to pick that first sun-warmed fruit and bite in - oh, yes.

The hot weather has finally come to south-central Colorado, and my garden is taking off. Now if we would just get some rain. . . .

And I'm finally tagging my eighth blogger: Velda Brotherton, you're it!


Jane Kirkpatrick said...

Susan, your tomatoes sound luscious! A gentleman who raises old seeds gave us five old tomato plantings and we still have two that survived the wind and one wire-haired pointing griffon. They are coming on late; I think the wind really stunts them. But I've enjoyed watching them.
I've also tagged you now, too! My eight random facts are posted. I'm off to let my other comrads-in-tags know.
I'm looking forward to meeting you face to face in Colorado. SO glad Portland was good to you for your research there last month! Jane

Susan GT said...

What a beautiful yard with raised beds...I've been wanting the same thing in my side yard!
I'm new to your blog, was sent her by Janet to look at your 8 random facts.
Susan Gallacher-Turner

Janet Grace Riehl said...

Susan, there's nothing like a ripe tomatoe to raise a person's spirits. My brother's tomatoes are ripe and he's sharing the red happiness all-round. A tomatoe just comletes a meal, in my cookbook. It's taken some getting used to that the tomatoes here ripen in July rather than August as in Northern California where I've been living for the longest time now.

Jane Kirkpatrick said...

hi Susan, I'm in Minnesota visiting my brother and sister-in-law and thinking of you! They and their neighbors are doing so many things with the land that remind me of your passion. Prairie restoration; pumpkins for decoration; using old things for landscaping; "weed" for shading their chickens etc. Anyway, just know You're on my mind! Oh, and their tomoates look luscious, too! jane